Why MetaTrader Is The Most Popular Forex Trading Software?

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MetaTrader often touted as being the best for forex trading. You may be wondering why all of the forex experts and traders recommend the MetaTrader, especially MetaTrader 4. Here are the reasons that make the platform such a popular and useful.

User Friendly
MetaTrader is well designed with user needs in mind. Perhaps the most important reason the MetaTrader is so popular is that it's very user friendly. The software is intuitive and simple. Once launched, you should be able to immediately review your charts and begin initiating trades. Everything that you need to do is laid out in a clean, easy to understand format.

MetaTrader Desktop Screenshot

Forex market moves so incredibly fast. MetaTrader has been developed to initiate trades incredibly swiftly — as quickly as your forex broker can process them. MetaTrader is a stable, lag-free platform, the most reliable solution for many traders.

Offers a Cross-Platform Solution
MetaTrader can be used on everything, from your desktop, laptop computer, to your tablet or smartphone. You can easily switch from home computer to tablet or mobile device so that you’re always updated about your account and trading status. This feature is critical for traders on-the-go.

Supports A Variety of Languages
MetaTrader supports virtually all commonly spoken languages, making it easier for foreign traders to get started

Offers A Fairly Large Numbers of Indicators
MetaTrader comes with all of the most common forms of chart analysis, tools and indicators for Technical Analysis.

Can Be Easily Customized
MetaTrader can be very easily customized. Traders are able to setup the MetaTrader to suit them and their trading style. You can add custom technical indicators easily.

Highly Secured
It’s important to secure your account. MetaTrader comes with built in security standards to ensure that your account is always kept safe regardless of the devices that you use to connect to.

The MetaTrader is able to operate smoothly because it consumes very little of system resources. Operating with low resources improves the performance of the program

Has Superb Support
The customer service of the MetaTrader platform is responsive and comprehensive. Its customer service team can be contacted from anywhere in the world and in a variety of ways.

Has Huge Users Base
With so many forex traders using MetaTrader, it is very easy to get help from other users from forum or groups. Many forex trader share their knowledge, indicators, so you can find a lot of indicators for free online.

Has MQL (MetaQuotes Language)
MetaTrader has MetaQuotes (MQL), its own programming language so you can create your own custom indicators.

MetaTrader Has Expert Advisers
Expert Advisers (EA) are a way to automate a trading account, making it easier to follow trading signals and other indicators. An expert adviser is allowed to initiate trades as needed for the investor, allowing them to gain profit by doing nothing at all (robot trading).

Can Be Used To Trade Stocks, Gold, Oil, Commodity, Index, even Cryptos
MetaTrader isn’t just a forex trading platform; it can be used to trade on a variety of markets, which also includes stocks, gold, oil, commodity or even Cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. If you think you’ll be expanding other than forex, MetaTrader is the ideal solution.

You Can Switch To Other Forex Broker Easily
Because most forex brokers support MetaTrader, you can easily switch to other forex broker. In MetaTrader you can have multiple account, from multiple broker. You don't need to learn other software, just use MetaTrader, and you can open forex account in any forex broker, and trade instantly.