How To Start Forex Trading

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How To Start Forex Trading ebook by Desmond Wira can be downloaded for free. Suitable for beginners who want to know about practical guidelines for learning how to trade forex. All subjects are explained in step by step and easy to understand tutorials.

Ebook How To Start Forex TradingTitle: HOW TO START FOREX TRADING
Author: Desmond Wira
Publisher: BIGWinForex 
Pages: vi+61 pages
Format: PDF
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Forex trading is an opportunity to get additional income online. But many people are confused about how to start. This ebook is written to help you who want to learn forex trading. Through this book you will be able to find out what is forex trading, how to open an account, deposit funds, how to use the online trading software, also how to do simple Technical Analysis. This book will give you a brief but clear explanation about the ins and outs of how to start forex trading online.

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The following is a list of book contents:


Chapter 1: What is Forex Trading?
Contains a brief description of forex trading, its advantages and disadvantages, and the steps to start forex trading

Chapter 2: Open Forex Account
This chapter explains the procedures for opening a forex account for trading. For those who want to try, it also explains how to create a demo account to practice virtual trading with virtual money. Finally explains how to deposit funds to start real trading.

Chapter 3: MetaTrader
This chapter explains the use of MetaTrader 4 software for forex trading. The explanation is in step by step tutorials so that easier to understand. After reading this chapter, you will be able to manage the account, and start trading.

Chapter 4: Technical Analysis
Generally traders use the help of Technical Analysis to determine when to buy and sell. This chapter explains the use of tools and indicators in Metatrader. After reading this chapter, you will be able to do simple Technical Analysis in forex trading

Chapter 5: Trading Tips
This chapter contains some tips for making your trading more effective and efficient. So you don't need to watch the market all the time and can do other things you like such as going on a vacation, or do other things like office work and so on.

Chapter 6: What You Need to Know
There are several things you need to know when trading forex, for example about Margin Call and Stop-Out.

A little closing word for those of you who are just getting ready to start forex trading

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