Dream Big, Start Small

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Now we know Amazon as the largest electronic commerce and cloud computing company based in Seattle, Washington. On September 4, 2018, Amazon reached US$1 trillion in value, becoming the second publicly traded US company to do so after Apple. Amazon wasn't always a monster of a company, back in 1994 when Jeff Bezos founded this company, it was started as a small online company.

Although Amazon launched in 1994 as a website that only sold books, founder Jeff Bezos already had a vision for the future. He knew from the very beginning, he wanted Amazon to be “an everything store.”


When Jeff Bezos started Amazon as an online bookseller in 1994, its business was running on money from Bezos' parents' life savings.

Amazon started from Bezos’ garage.

The servers that the company used required so much power that Bezos and his wife couldn’t run a hair dryer or a vacuum in the house without blowing a fuse.

Jeff Bezos' first desk at Amazon was a door with four wooden legs. Bezos looked at desks for sale and looked at doors for sale, and the doors were a lot cheaper, so he decided to buy a door and put some legs on it.

Take a look at Jeff Bezos photo at office in 1999. Amazon's company name was written using sprayed paint.

Jeff Bezos at Amazon office in 1999

If you start a business, or a career as a trader or investor and feel that your progress was going nowhere, and you want to give up, take a look at photo above.

This photo is a reminder that success is an ongoing process. Dream big, start small. Enjoy the process. It takes time to reach success

Hope this article inspires

Desmond Wira