The Greatest Lessons

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Many of the successful people have failed. Some even went bankrupt, before becoming successful. This failure did not make them desperate. From the painful failure they actually get the greatest lessons.

When we are happy, we don't think much, very little analysis takes place, so we learn very little from happiness

On the contrary, pain is not a very pleasant feeling, therefore we want to avoid it. We learn and remember what no to do, so that we wouldn't end up at the same situation with the same pain.

For example: when a kid touched hot iron and burned his/her finger, this painful event teached him/her to never touch hot iron ever again.

If there is no pain and you are satisfied with what all you have? Will it force you to come out of your comfort zone and do something different? No, I bet you wouldn't

But the pain, whether you like it or not, will force you to do something, out of your comfort zone

When something traumatic happens we will want to avoid it, so we will analyze and learn the lesson.

The greatest lessons in life are learned through pain

Having a huge loss, margin call, or blown up trading account is a painful experience for a trader. But this painful experience can be a trigger for someone to become a better trader. Surely a sane trader will not want to experience the same huge loss, margin call, or losing all of the money again.

Traders who want to learn from their failures have the opportunity to become successful traders. Why? Because he will be wiser. Wisdom is nothing more than healed pain.

The Greatest Lessons in Life and Trading


If you currently experience huge loss, margin call, or blown up trading account, accept it as the greatest lesson to become a successful trader. Learn from it.

Hopefully this article inspires

Desmond Wira